The Top 10 Most Popular Maui Hiking Trails

For decades, Hike Maui was the largest hiking tour company in Maui. The eco-tour pioneer Ken Schmidt started the tour years ago. He initially led all of the tours and then hired naturalists to take clients all over the island. Tours include waterfall hikes and hiking tours to Hana and the crater of Haleakala. Experience the lush beauty of East Maui on this guided rainforest hike.

Ray Fuqua, the owner, is a former High School History teacher. The Waterfall and Rainforest Hiking Adventure is the most popular tour. This is the event that will truly make you glad you had a guide with you. As you hike through an “off-the-grid” farming area you’ll taste fruit you’ve maybe never seen before. Your guide will impress you with his or her ability to take jungle and demonstrate uses you’ve never thought of. You’ll probably learn what a tapioca plant looks like (yes, it comes from a plant … not from a jar with the Gerber Baby on it).

This day is fully customizable and can show you not only the best trails, but also the best stops on the way to Hana. Whether you’d prefer a moderate stroll through a botanical garden, or a decent workout at Waikamoi Ridge Trail, this tour can take you there. The Waterfall and Rainforest Hike is the most popular tour. You’ll be able to see what a tapioca flower looks like. For most hikes, you can wear tennis shoes, shorts or a T-shirt. A swimsuit and aqua socks or Teva’s are suggested for waterfall hikes.

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Below are three different Maui hiking tours. They range in duration from three hours up to eleven. All are incredible, and all offer time and places to get in the water–weather permitting, of course. Your guides are knowledgeable about the area’s animals and plants, as well as safety tips. You and your family will be in safe hands. Each tour group will be small, as well; they are limited to just 12 guests.

Maui has some absolutely fantastic trails – hikers surely won’t be disappointed. Here, we’ll cover some of the best hikes you can find on Maui. You can either hike into a rain forest on a trail or climb into a gulch to find a 400-foot waterfall. You can also venture along Waihee Valley’s ridge to commune with the clouds, spot rare birds, and see tropical plants. You can also explore the erosional crater at Haleakala volcano to see the silversword, one of the most unusual and rarest plants in the world.