Grand Canyon Hiking & Jeep(r) Tour At The South Rim

Although the Grand Canyon has some amazing day hikes, it is best to go backpacking for multiple days to see all that the canyon has to give. Grand Canyon National Park and nearby destinations are a backpacker’s paradise and offer experienced hikers endless opportunities to explore. The Grand Canyon also has some great hiking tours … Read more

Hiking Tours In Iceland

Learn about wild and rare plants and animals, and soak in the hot springs along the way. This camping trek is simple and scenic, but it will allow you to maximize your time at this special destination. You can choose to travel with just a day pack , and you can opt for a guided … Read more

Epic Maui Hikes

This guided Haleakala Crater hike will allow you to experience the quiet beauty of this dormant volcano at 10,000 feet. Your guide will talk about the history of Maui’s tallest peak, Haleakala Crater, which is a hike that covers 4 miles (6.4km). Gaze around at colorful cinder cones that spring from the crater floor, and … Read more