Grand Canyon Day Hike Tours

You’ll see amazing sights like Coconino Overlook or Supai Tunnel. There are side trails that lead to lush Ribbon Falls and Roaring Spring where you can cool down. This hike can be done in 3-4 days, with camping at Cottonwood or Bright Angel campgrounds.

A hiking tour is not recommended for people with mobility issues. People with cardiovascular or heart problems should avoid hiking tours- although guides are experienced in CPR, you could be hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital of you become overexerted. Babies and small children should not go on a hiking tour, and pregnant women should check with their doctor to ensure that they are in good health before booking a hiking tour.

Start on a section of the historic Hermit Road that has over 123 steps. When it levels off, there are more than half a dozen switchbacks before reaching South Rim Drive where you will have your choice of benches and/or picnic tables. This private tour of Grand View Trail includes an experienced guide for your party.

Havasu Falls is a wonderful experience with many options for travelers who are lucky enough to visit this unique place. This adventure begins at Hualapai Hilltop, following a 10-mile trail through beautiful red rock canyons to an awe-inspiring camp below Havasu Falls. From here, you can access Havasu and other spectacular waterfalls heralded by pristine turquoise pools, making some of the world’s best swimming holes and most spectacular hikes. This amazing trek leads to Havasu Falls.

This is the simplest Grand Canyon Hiking Tour we offer. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to walk around the park! Our Grand Canyon hikes descend approximately 1100 vertical feet over 1.5 miles into the canyon. The Grand Canyon Adventurer descends dramatically into the canyon and trail is selected based on ability and season . Hikers are treated to outstanding

As you hike through the gorge, listen to stories about the geology of the area. Wildland Trekking offers 5 options (plus a Grand Canyon-Sedona combo) for their day hikes at Grand Canyon. Each comes with trail snacks, a picnic lunch, a backpack, trekking poles, and of course, a professional guide to take you below the rim.

We offer three types of hiking tours: the Beginner Hike with Tour and Intermediate Day Hike. They also include round trip hotel transportation, and are fully outfitted will all necessary gear and supplies. Looking for an all-day hike where you learn about the history, geology, and peoples of the Canyon? Have you been hiking all your life and want to take it to the limit? You only need to wear sturdy shoes and a hat, as every hike includes transportation, lunch and snacks, as well as water and gear.

If you’re looking to explore all that the vast Grand Canyon backcountry has to offer, then a guided backpacking tour is for you! We carry everything we need on our backs for the duration of the trip. Our backpacking tours take you deep below the rim to discover hidden treasures and offer the chance for incredible solitude and discovery. All Grand Canyon backpacking tours include almost all the gear, food, transportation from Flagstaff, AZ to trailheads, and a knowledgeable Grand Canyon guide. Currently, the Park Service is not allowing us to mix groups due to COVID-19 safety procedures, so we are unable to provide this tour for less than 4 people. For a smaller group, please discuss other options.

How long does it take to hike down to Phantom Ranch?