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Tours start at 18,700 ISK per person and last around 4 hours. Want to reach the more remote areas of Iceland that are only accessible by foot? Guided by a professional and knowledgeable hiking guide you will visit some of the most astonishing areas in Iceland. You can find the perfect hiking vacation, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker. Fjallhalla Adventures offers a variety of tours around South Iceland. We offer tours that include hiking, glacier tours, and northern lights tours.

Activities – Iceland’s natural attractions offer a wide range of activities that are free for budget-minded travelers. For zero dollars, you can see the northern lights or any geyser or waterfall. You can spend very little on activities if you are going on a nature-based vacation.

Iceland is a paradise for hikers, with many trails in both lowland and highland. Whether you’re seeking comfortable nature trails or challenging multi-day adventures in remote untouched wilderness, you will find various options.

There are many trails that can be chosen, including those that run along mountains, valleys, or rugged coastlines. You can also explore hot springs, volcanoes and glaciers. All around Iceland, you will find various hiking routes, and each part of the country has its specialty and unique nature gems.

Delve deep into Iceland’s geothermal wilderness and discover breathtaking natural beauty on this full-day Landmannalaugar hiking tour from Reykjavik. Follow your certified hiking guide along rugged hiking trails through the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Enjoy panoramic views of lava fields, glacial lake and towering peaks and gain insight into the region’s complex geology.

  • You can explore at your own pace on our Laugavegur hiking tour, or learn fascinating insights from our expert guide during the guided group tour of Laugavegur Trail.
  • Of all the outdoor activities outlined here, hiking is the most fundamental to an Iceland vacation.
  • The Fagradalsfjall volcano hike is undoubtedly the most well-known, but there are many other options.

Museums are 1,600-2,500 ISK, while Elf School in Reykjavik costs 7,737 ISK. You can go ice-climbing for 16,000-25,000 ISK or glacier hiking for 18,000 ISK. We visit an Icelandic horse farm, and then we have a private cooking workshop with the owner at our guesthouse. We visit the East Fjords, an 18-million-year-old geological wonder that was created by glaciers during last ice age. At Vatnajokull ice cap to the southeast, we visit Skaftafell National Park and a glacier lagoon. Begin your exploration of the park’s glaciers with Icelandic mountain guides. You will be introduced to the “world” of ice that very few people have ever seen.

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Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Iceland’s Skaftafell National Park on this extended glacier hiking tour, which allows more time on this glacier than most other tours. This 2-day itinerary will take you across rugged terrain in a Super Jeep, and into the remote wildernesses of southern Iceland. This adventure tour will take you to deep canyons and ice-capped volcanoes. You’ll also find stunning black sand beaches. Be amazed as you discover this geothermal ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ on a hiking tour of Iceland.

When Icelanders sign up for hiking tours, they usually go with Ferdafelag Islandsor Utivist. Neither organization is dependent on your business, but foreigners are always few hours to several days, with set departure dates. As far as visitors are concerned, not much distinguishes the two organizations.

Iceland’s Westfjords are an outdoor paradise in any season – Lonely Planet Travel News

Iceland’s Westfjords are an outdoor paradise in any season.

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