10 Top New Zealand Hiking Routes & Treks Based On 1,306 Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten cycling and walking tours… Are you looking for more than sunbathing on your holiday to Italy’s tranquil beaches? These walking tours will take you to the most beautiful islands of Italy. Walking holidays take you to beautiful locations across the UK. Continue reading to discover England’s most charming villages, which add more charm and beauty. New Zealand is without a doubt one of the best trekking destinations in the world.

Depending on the trip chosen, group sizes can vary from 6-22 people depending on the departure. Boat-based departures may have a larger group size. A UTracks guided walking tour in Europe does not require you to travel in a small group. You always have time to spare

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A guided tour can help you get more out of your cycling or walking holiday. Find out about the active travel benefits of a walking or cycling trip to the enchanting Puglia region in southern Italy. Your multilingual walking guide is there for you from the moment your walking holiday begins until it ends. They work tirelessly to tailor the trip to your interests while also ensuring your holiday runs smoothly for the whole group.

Their passion for their country or the region they are walking through helps bring out the history, flora and fauna of their homelands. Meander throughBhutan’s lush meadows, climb down rugged cliffs to a secluded beach cove inSardinia, or even tackle some of the world’s highest peaks on one of our trekking tours.

A sense of adventure and a passion for outdoor, active travel are the common threads. Local guides are more than just coordinators of your activities. They will be there every step of the journey. On multi-day hikes, we have taken measures to reduce individual pack weight with arrangements such as food drops and extra support. Our excellent safety record, outstanding service, and commitment to responsible and sustainable travel practices guarantee you unsurpassed value for money. UTracks offers unforgettable self guided walking holidays and incredible small group hiking trips in Europe. For most guests it’s a combination of some or all of these reasons that they join guided hiking tours and backpacking trips.

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Outfitted for Adventure.

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The Great Walks are well formed, with no drop-offs and the steeper places are either negotiated by steps or zigzags. The trip is suitable to all ages (8+) and abilities. The Kepler Heli Hike can be the most difficult day due to the downhill walking that can cause knee problems. It is also the day that we cover the most distance.

The key ingredient to enjoying your hiking vacation is choosing the right trip. We offer backpacking trips, horse/llama/porter-supported hikes, inn-based hiking trails, basecamp hiking tours, and day hike tours. A backpacking trip is the best option for guests who want to travel deep into the backcountry and challenge themselves. Some people want to explore the backcountry but without heavy backpacks, and for those folks we recommend horse/llama/porter supported trips. Finally, Wildland offers day hikes that allow you to spend as little time as possible in one of America’s most beautiful national parks.

I offer customized, private guiding hiking tours and trips to small groups. We started with humble beginnings 45 years ago, when we led the first group trekking trips through Nepalese Himalaya. Today we offer the best walking holidays around the world. We work with local leaders whenever possible, stay in locally-owned accommodation, and earn the highest wages for big peaks like Kilimanjaro. Our guided hiking tours and backpacking trips attract more than 10,000 people annually. There are many reasons why this is so popular. Enjoy the opportunity to hike and explore a wide variety of trails, viewpoints, and local secrets by day and return to the comfort of a well-appointed camp each afternoon.

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Whether you’re on the Arizona or California side of these gorgeous parks, any one of our trips will give you the experience of a lifetime. You’ll be able to stay on track with our detailed maps and route notes. The 24/7 emergency contact number is also a comfort. Under your own steam you’ll have time to savour the sights and delights of the region. Explore Europe with the family on an affordable walking or cycling tour. Discover Europe with our family-friendly self-guided & guided hiking and bike holidays.

Our range of guided andself-guidedwalking trips lets you take it all in, at your own pace. For desert hiking destinations like Havasu Falls, Zion, Bryce, and Death Valley, the best seasons are spring, fall and winter. In mountain destinations like Yellowstone, Iceland, the Pacific Northwest, the Alps and others, the best seasons to hike are late spring, summer and early fall. Winter is, generally, the most underrated season for hiking and backpacking tours in many areas, as it’s a spectacular time of year to enjoy a hiking vacation. This is a chance to experience a guided heli-hike on the Kepler Track. We start with a breathtaking helicopter flight over the hidden lakes to Luxmore Hut.

This is the adventure tour you should take if you only visit New Zealand once. Hikes ranging from easy to advanced, for experienced hikers ready for an all-day adventure. All provide great opportunities to see a variety of native flora, wildlife and fossils. This is our ultimate hiking package, where you walk through some of New Zealand’s most awe-inspiring and diverse landscapes. The package includes three days of guided Great Walks on the best parts the Routeburn, Milford and Kepler Tracks. These premier walks show off different parts of Fiordland. They pass through stunning scenery, from rivers, lakes, and native forests to mountain views, vast fiords, and lush valleys.

  • Depending on the chosen trip, group sizes generally vary from 6 to 22 people, and somewhat larger on boat based departures.
  • Every single destination is postcard worthy, and you will have a medically trained, professional guide to safely lead you every step of the way.
  • Explore Italy with these walking tours of Italy’s gorgeous islands …
  • EXTENSIVE RANGE OF NEW ZEALAND TOURS Our unrivalled range of trips and extensive knowledge of outdoor adventure enables us to match you to your perfect active holiday.