Days 1 to 5 of the Otter Trail

Many highlights awaiting hikers on the trail:

  • The stunning cliff of Skilderkrans
  • Kleinbos River with a variety of ferns covering its banks and, further upstream, ravines, pools and waterfalls
  • Blue Bay, a small beach ideal for swimming where the weary hiker can take a breather before setting off to the highest peak on the trail which reaches 160 m above sea level
  • Clear tidal pools which are excellent for snorkelling
  • The beautiful Elandsbos River estuary
  • The biggest obstacle along the route, crossing the Bloukrans River
  • Lookout points
  • Interesting rock formations
  • Indigenous forests
  • Wide variety of Cape Fynbos
  • Different fungi species
  • Wildlife
  • Caves
  • Beautifully appointed overnight camps
With its impressive entrance (10 m wide by 12 m high), Guano Cave is the first landmark on both the Water Fall and Otter Trails.
In 2006 "lapas" were erected for shade at the overnight huts. These "lapas" also facilitate pleasant get-togethers.
One of the two Ngubu overnight huts.


Skilderkrans, an isolated pinnacle on the coastline.
A sign designating the Kleinbos Escape Route. Escape routes are used to evacuate injured hikers who are unable to proceed.
The trail is clearly marked with a yellow otter "spoor" or, in some places with a blue sign as well.


Scott Huts nestling in the shade.


The toilet facilities at each of the overnight huts are indeed unique.


A breathtaking view from inside the toilet!!


Far below, viewed from the escarpment, is this small sandy cove called Blue Bay.


The profile of the fourth day. The highest point, 160 m above sea level, will be reached after the visit at Blue Bay.
The hike on the fourth day starts, once again, with a steep climb!


Glancing back from the escarpment towards André's Huts partly concealed by indigenous forest.


The golden shore of Nature's Valley signal the end of the trail.

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